To support Achievement Standards:

Art History: 2/3.1, 2/3.2, 2/3.3, 2/3.4, 2/3.5, 2/3.6, 2.7
English: 1/2/3.2,2/3.6, 1/2/3.7, 1/2.8, 1/2/3.9, 2.10, 1.11
History: 1/2/3.3, 1/2/3.4, 1/2.6
Visual Arts: 1/2/3.1

Structure of the educator-facilitated programme:

  • Visual analysis: students will closely observe and describe two focus artworks, and discuss the formal and interpretive qualities of these.

 Complemented by either:

  • Extended analysis – students will compare and contrast different works, summarise the connections between the formal and interpretive qualities of these and evaluate their effectiveness.


  • Informal debate – students will be introduced to key Art Historical concepts and contexts around artworks and a moot point. They will then participate in an informal debate (in groups or pairs) encouraging the use of high-level critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Debate samples:

  • This is not art! In response to contemporary artworks
  • This artwork best represent New Zealand identity in response to New Zealand modernist artworks
  • Modern art communicates ideas better than traditional art

Learning intentions:

Students will:

  • Observe, describe and compare and contrast the formal elements of artworks
  • Explain the connection between elements of the artworks/visual texts and meanings communicated
  • Use evidence to argue and justify a point of view

1 hour session + self-guide time

Please email to discuss your needs, specific exhibitions and artworks that could be used, and support resources we offer to assist you.