<p>Two Views exhibition at Mairangi Arts Centre.</p>

Two Views exhibition at Mairangi Arts Centre.

Mairangi Arts Centre is a vibrant, community-based visual arts education facility and exhibition venue.

Mairangi Arts Centre's mission is to educate and foster growth in the creative arts by providing access to and participation in the arts for all. The centre brings people together by offering a gallery space to artists who would not otherwise have the opportunity to share their artwork with the general public. They also regularly present artwork by talent of the future – young artists aged five to 16. The centre’s comprehensive art education programme caters for all ages ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to 'give art a go'.

Mairangi Arts Centre
20 Hastings Road
Mairangi Bay, Auckland

Ph 09 478 2237

Monday–Friday: 9.30am–4pm
Saturday: 10am–2pm

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