Listen to renowned artist Reuben Paterson in conversation with Senior Curator, Ron Brownson, focusing on his works in the exhibition,  Toi Tū Toi Ora: Contemporary Māori Art, and in celebration of the 2021 Auckland Pride Festival. 

Reuben says of his sequinned hue (gourd) artworks that they evoke 'ideas of celebration and rainbows – and I also think of whakataukī around the hue, and of whakapapa and these connections to our LGBTQI community, especially my understanding of the hue being about patience, persistence and time in a broader metaphoric understanding of the hue and society today. Our road to pride today, has been like that of the hue – who does not hurry, but everything about it is accomplished.'

Whānaua kia tini
Whānaua kia mano
Whānaua kia rea
Be brought forth as many
Be brought forth as a multitude
Be brought forth innumerably

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