Our thematic Foundation programmes give students the opportunity to build knowledge and skills across the curriculum through meaningful engagement with art.

Creative and critical thinking, and interpersonal skill development is encouraged through lively discussion and activity. Each programme includes two lessons: one in the Gallery spaces, exploring three to five artworks, and another in the Studio, making art in response to the programme theme.

Included with these programmes are free term-long teaching resources for Levels 1–2 or 3-4.

Signs and Symbols

Explore in the Gallery and through art making how artworks communicate with us through symbols we can detect and decipher. This programme explores the use of symbolic objects within artworks, as well as ways in which artists play with their use of materials and media to inspire our curiosity and stretch our thinking.

Age groups: Years 1–8
Maximum daily attendance: Year 1–2 60 students, Year 3–8 90 students
Cost: Per student $8, Teacher/adult helper free

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