Portraiture and Identity

What are portraiture and identity? What sorts of portraits do artists make and how and why do they make them? How do artists, artworks and whole exhibitions explore, suggest and develop identities, such as personal and cultural identities?

Through play-based activities and building on prior knowledge, ākonga will creatively and critically make meanings of, and respond to, artworks.

In the Gallery’s exhibition spaces, educators will facilitate kōrero and activities to help ākonga unpack, interpret and engage with the ways identities are explored and developed through artworks and curation.

In the Taupuni Mahi Studio, ākonga will experiment with materials and techniques to creatively explore ideas of portraiture and identity through art making.

  • Age groups: Years 0–6
  • Maximum group booking: 60 students

Before your visit

Use the booking form to book the Portraiture and Identity programme for your group.

You can also download our Portraiture and Identity teachers pack and our schools framework ahead of your visit.

Portraiture and Identity teachers pack
1.96 MB PDF file
Schools framework
1.17 MB PDF file