Our Secondary programmes are undergoing some changes which means that this programme will not be offered during Term 3 2017, however we will still be offering Volunteer Guide-led tours of exhibitions or self-guided visits. We also encourage teachers to access the range of education resources to assist students from a range of subjects to engage with artworks during your visit.

To support Achievement Standards:

English: 1/2/3.2; 1.8 2/ 3.7; 1.11 2.10 3.9.

Structure of the educator-facilitated programme:

Students will participate in a guided analysis of an artwork (visual text), focusing on how key visual language features communicate meaning.

They will then explore a range of artworks (visual texts), practising their analysis skills and making connections between visual and written language.

Learning intentions:

Students will:

  • Describe a range of visual language features and their effects
  • Identify how visual language features work together to create meaning and effects
  • Connect ideas within texts to other works and ideas

This programme can be adapted to support students connecting to and between visual and written texts by basing the analysis on literary themes being studied at school.

This programme was developed in collaboration with Dr David Larsen, English teacher, Western Springs College.

90 minute session + self-guide time
Cost: $6 per student

Please email to discuss your needs, specific exhibitions and artworks that could be used, and support resources we offer to assist you.