Stefano Della Bella

Le Pont Neuf, a Paris

Le Pont Neuf, a Paris by Stefano Della Bella

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Le Pont Neuf, a Paris
Production date
358 x 683 mm
Lvdovico XIIII. Galliarvm et nav. Regi / La perspective dv pont. nevf de Paris. Pons lvtetiae strvctvs, dictvs novvs, et quae. ex ed prospici possvnt. Ste. Della Bella Florentinus in e fe. et. D.D. 1646 cum priuilegio Regis. [translated] The bridge built at Paris, called the New , and what can be seen from it. Behold the most beautiful prospect in the whole world, than which none more varied, more extensive, or more pleasant, could be represented in a sketch, such that someone who was never in Paris would hardly believe that in one place at the same time so many outstanding things might be seen. For from the square which takes its name from the Dauphin one may first see the bridge laid over the Seine, another a more superb than which you would surely not find anywhere, in the middle of which a bronze statue of Henry the Great on horseback has been erected. But what would astound you even more is that over it there pass daily an innumerable multitude of mankind, so that the whole world seems to have poured into the town, often even the King with the Queen his mother, a vast escort, and the legions of praetorian guards. Immediately on the right hand side the Louvre, the home of the Kings of France, presents itself, to which you may compare no other royal palace anywhere, amazing from here in its great bulk, and further on a portico has been added, beside which lie the gardens of the King, and finally a promenade filled with trees which takes its name from Maria Augusta Medici on whose instructions it was built. On the other side of the river is the most magnificent palace of the Dukes of Nevers, and the tower of the old building guarding the river, then a long row of splendid houses. Which miracles if someone, deterred by the labour and the cost, should be reluctant to view in person, this small picture will easily show to him..
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Mackelvie Trust Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, bequest of Dr Walter Auburn, 1982
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014 Auburn Catalogue
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International Art
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Not on display

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