John Fields


(Man) by John Fields

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Production date
May 1969
gelatin silver print
252 x 205 mm
not using a cloth, I couldn't really see my ground glass wall enough, consequently .... cut the hands off (damn it) and got too much above. Anyway, it did provide me with the precise extreme of brightness range I wanted, and the opportunity to test the film / developer combination without water treatment flattering the range.. John Fields. PHOTOGRAPHED BY John J. Fields May1969. No. 1 Test sheet/ Tri-x 4x5. a Bright sun - (no reflector) 12.30pm. b white corrugated Background. c meter reading OFF my hand @ 4 inches. f32 @ 1/500Th. d Exposed F32 @ 1/250Th /Symmar 150m/m on hinhof color. e under developed by ... seconds (tray). in acuFine (normal development would have been 5 minutes @ 70 oF, rating the film normally at 1200 ASA). f Agfa BS1 paper, developed 2 minutes in Agfa Nevtol (I should of probably tried BW1, but we're out of stock at the moment.) (Durst 1385 enlarger 15m/m componon). g. Subject is a gardener employed by the University of Auckland who happened to pass by ..
Credit line
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, purchased with support from John B Turner 2017
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New Zealand Art
Display status
Not on display

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