Simon Denny

Introductory Logic Video Tutorial double canvas 2

Introductory Logic Video Tutorial double canvas 2 by Simon Denny

Artwork Detail

Introductory Logic Video Tutorial at Artspace Sydney in 2010. In the exhibition Denny experimented with the idea of presenting a video tutorial in basic philosophic logic. Using the means available he staged this tutorial through all the existing audio visual hardware owned by Artspace, this screen, the CRT monitor by Aiko was so old it couldn’t run the digital file, so what appeared when he ran the image through the screen was a static field. Then rather than exhibit the moving images, Denny returned the tutorial into an analogue format, taking photographic images of the screen shots which were then turned into canvases produced in 1:1 replica of the original screen.

Denny is particularly interested in communication technologies, and more specifically the move from analogue to digital. Roundly, he is interested in the digital communication of our age that provides an all-encompassing visual image of information, including elaborate codes produced by designers for everything from a screen saver to board report and web-page.

In Introductory Logic Video Tutorial, Denny inhabits the space of visual information himself, designing this tutorial, based on classes up at the University, and imagining how something as specific as Logic might be translated in the means of mass-communication. What is particularly amusing and redolent about this static image is that of course those users now only in possession of analogue technologies are unable to access all kinds of information and messaging.

So while the title of the exhibition promised a moving image project, what appears is a graphic sculpture project, reinforcing some of the artist’s interests in what layers of material information sit in front of so-called information in contemporary life.

The larger exhibition Introductory Logic Video Tutorial was nominated for the Walters Prize in 2012. It was a critical exhibition for Simon Denny, who has just been nominated University of Auckland’s young alumni of the year. Simon Denny has been working in this field of mass communication especially via tele-media since 2008, and this work as an isolated example vividly expresses the artist’s concerns. As a model of a CRT monitor, it also uniquely exposes the artist’s sculptural concerns of this time which are less apparent in more recent work.

Introductory Logic Video Tutorial double canvas 2
Simon Denny
Production date
inkjet on canvas, metal fittings
490 x 510 x 470 mm
Credit line
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, gift of the artist and Michael Lett, 2013
Accession no
Other ID
SD1692-01 Reference number (external institution), X2012/30/4 Old Accession Number
Copying restrictions apply
New Zealand Art
Display status
Not on display

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