Samuel Buck (Artist) Nathaniel Buck (Artist)

View of St Paul’s Cathedral from Southwark

View of St Paul’s Cathedral from Southwark by Samuel Buck, Nathaniel Buck

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View of St Paul’s Cathedral from Southwark
Production date
320 x 820 mm
44. V (?). 49 Fleet Ditch 52 Puddle Dock 55 Trig stairs. 50 St Sepulchres 53 Pauls Wharf 56 St Bennets. 51 Black Friers Stairs 54 St Ann’s Black Friers 57 St Martin’s Ludgate. . 58 Queen Hithe 61 St Nicholas Cole Abby 64 Three Cranes Stairs. 59 St Mary Somerset 62 St Pauls Cathedral 65 St Austin’s. 60 St Magdalen 63 St Michael’s Queen-Hithe 66 Christ Church. . 67 St Mildred’s 70 St Vedest alias 72 Dowgate Stairs. 68 St James’s Garlick-Hill St Fosters 73 St Mary AlderMary. 69 St Matthew’s 71 Allhallows’ Bread Street 74 St Michael Colarts Hill. . 75 St Mary Le Bow 78 Allhallows Stairs 81 St Mary’s Aldermanbury. 76 Steelyard Stairs 79 St Antholins 82 St Michael’s. 77 St Alban’s Woodstreet 80 St Stephen’s Coleman Str. Bassingshaw.
Credit line
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, transferred from Auckland City Libraries, gift of the Leys Institute, 2009
Accession no
Copyright Expired
International Art
Display status
Not on display

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