George French Angas (Artist), J W Giles (Lithographer)

Roperta of Kawhia. George Thoms a Half Caste Boy. Nephew of Rauparaha

Roperta of Kawhia. George Thoms a Half Caste Boy. Nephew of Rauparaha by George French Angas, J W Giles

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Angas's description:



ROPERTA, or "Bobby," is an orphan boy at the Rev. J. Whiteley's Mission Station at Ahuahu, near Kawhia Harbour, on the West Coast of New Zealand. His father was Ikemoki, a late chief of Kawhia, and his Uncle Rihia accompanied me as one of my guides through the interior, for a period of two months. Little "Bobby" sadly wishes to visit England, and he is one of those brilliant, enthusiastic young creatures, whose soul shews itself in every glance: his good natured countenance is always lightened by a smile, and he has no small share of natural gaiety and wit. Ahuahu is a happy place: the Missionary's home is one of peace, and "Bobby" is amongst the many Māori children who call the Missionary's wife by the endearing name of "mother."

George Thoms, is the eldest son of a master whaler, who, for thirty years has been resident amongst the fisheries of Cloudy Bay and Queen Charlotte's Sound; he is nephew of Rauparaha by his mother's side; he inherits large tracks of land near Porirua, and is a universal favourite amongst the powerful Nga-ti-toa tribe. His mother, who died several years since, is buried at Te Awa iti, in Tory Channel, beneath a splendid native mausoleum of ornamented wood, which is fast falling to decay. Thoms, at the present time, possesses two large and substantial houses, one at Te Awa iti, and the other near Porirua, on the opposite side of Cooks' Straits; at both these places he carries on a shore fishery for whales."

Roperta of Kawhia. George Thoms a Half Caste Boy. Nephew of Rauparaha
George French Angas, J W Giles
Production date
circa 1847
hand coloured lithograph
240 x 355 mm
Credit line
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, purchased 2009
Accession no
No known copyright restrictions
New Zealand Art
Display status
Not on display

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