George French Angas (Artist), W Hawkins (Lithographer)

Honi Heki and Patuone

Honi Heki and Patuone by George French Angas, W Hawkins

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Angas's description:



THE renowned warrior, Honi Heki, has, within the past three years, become celebrated throughout the civilized world for his determined and resolute opposition to the British power, and his defeat of the troops at the Bay of Islands.

His first acts of hostility were those of cutting down the flag-staff at Kororarika; he afterwards destroyed that settlement in the early part of last year, and in conjunction with his allies, Pomare and Kowiti, he has held out against the British army, in his impregnable "Pahs," or fortifications, up to the present moment. Heki, when a lad of seventeen, resided with Archdeacon Williams, one of the Missionaries at Pahia; on a certain day, a woman had been ill-used by a chief - Heki heard of it, and walking after him, coolly tomahawked him, and brought back the offender's head in his hand.

Heki subsequently became E Hongi's fighting man, during that warrior's decline, and married his only daughter - he belongs to the great northern tribe of the NGA-PUIS, and has long embraced Christianity.

PATUONE is the elder brother of Nene, the Chief of Hokianga; though equally distinguished for his attachment to Europeans, and his loyalty to the Government, with his renowned brother, he has less strength and energy of mind. Patuone's character is one of amiability; in former days, when quarrels between different tribes were frequently marked with deeds of violence and blood - Patuone was the indefatigable peacemaker - travelling from place to place, he would, by his persuasive voice, soothe the irritated passions of the excited disputants, and win them over to amity and peace."

Honi Heki and Patuone
George French Angas, W Hawkins
Production date
circa 1847
hand coloured lithograph
543 x 365 mm
Credit line
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, purchased 2009
Accession no
No known copyright restrictions
New Zealand Art
Display status
Not on display

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