Adrian Hall

Adrian Hall
Date of birth
Adrian Hall attended the Royal College of Art in London between 1964 and 1967, where he studied philosophy with Iris Murdoch and met Yoko Ono, eventually assisting her in a number of performances, featuring in Film No 4 [Bottoms] (1966), and fabricating work for her first London show at Indica Gallery.In 1968 he moved to the US for further study at Yale School of Art and Architecture, with Robert Morris and Donald Judd and other New York artists, while he fabricated work for Naum Gabo (who played chess with Duchamp at weekends). Hall was visited by Jim Allen in New Haven, and later invited Hall from Los Angeles to Elam as artist-in-residence (1971-72, renewed). Hall’s contribution to Elam was considerable, both as a teacher and as a practitioner, His 1971 exhibition at Barry Lett Galleries Plasma Cast Iron Foam Co. (P.C.I.F.Co) Presents Adrian Reginald Hall is remembered as one of the earliest and most thoroughly conceptual projects to be undertaken here, paradoxically in its use of the most physical of building materials. Hall returned to Europe, working in the politically-charged climate of Belfast, Northern Ireland, before relocating to Sydney in 1978. He lived in London between 1984 and 1986 and in 1998 he visited New Zealand to recreate one of his P.C.I.F. Co. works, Low Tide, for Action Replay. Hall now works in Aramoana, Otago.