Rhondda Bosworth

Rhondda Bosworth
Date of birth
New Zealander
"Rhondda Bosworth was born in Auckland and studied painting and photography at both the University of Canterbury and the University of Auckland during the 1970s. Bosworth’s contemporaries include Jane Zusters, Terry Austin, Josie Dudson, and Paul Johns. Despite her teaching work and a number of solo and group shows, until recently collecting Bosworth’s work has largely been the province of an elite group of connoisseurs. However, these idiosyncratic and unique images deserve to be seen more widely: exquisite black and white photographs of crumpled and torn found texts (both hand-written and printed), vividly coloured, impressionistic snatches of flowers and plants, and subtle feminist deconstructions of the female body. Broader recognition is, at last, placing Bosworth in her rightful place as one of New Zealand’s most important photographers of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Bosworth broke significant new ground for women in photography in the 1970s with an intuitive, sensitive and incisive eye, which she applies to a series of intensely private emotional responses." - http://bowerbankninow.com/rhondda-bosworth/

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