Sydney Goldsmith

Sydney Goldsmith
Date of birth
15 Oct 1886
Place of birth
Date of death
17 Jun 1957
Place of death
North Shore City/Auckland (region)/New Zealand
Studied at the Hobart Technical College under Ethel Nicholls 1898, and Benjamin Sheppard 1901-02. His parents were persuaded by B Sheppard to allow him to submit drawings for entrance to the Royal Academy. He was then invited to sit for a R.A. Scholarship which he won. Left Tasmania in 1908 to study for four years at the Royal Academy, London where he won a silver metal for antique drawing and a gold medal for portrait painting. Studied in Paris for one year before returning to Tasmania. Briefly painted in Melbourne and was then invited to paint portraits in Chicago for a year. On his return from America he painted portraits and landscapes in Fiji before settling in Auckland NZ. Began teaching art during the 1930s and retired in 1946. He died at Auckland, NZ, June 1957.