Francesco Bartolozzi

Francesco Bartolozzi
Date of birth
Date of death
Italian, British
Francesco Bartolozzi (1728-1815) was born in Florence where he trained under Ignazio Enrico Hugford and Giovanni Domenico Ferretti, and became acquainted with Giovanni Battista Cipriani who would remain a close friend. In 1748 Bartolozzi moved to Venice where he studied further under Josef Wagner. Later, in Rome he worked for Giovanni Battista Piranesi before moving to London in early 1764. Remaining in Great Britain for 35 years, Bartolozzi produced an enormous corpus, including prints after drawings by Guercino, and many others in collaboration with Cipriani. In November 1802 the aged Bartolozzi moved to Lisbon where he died in 1815.

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