Youth Media Internship 2016: Day two

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<p>The interns in the boardroom of Auckland Art Gallery.</p>

The interns in the boardroom of Auckland Art Gallery.

Tuesday 12 January 2016
Marlo San Miguel

As Day Two began for the interns, they were greeted with a list, telling them who they’re going to be working with for the rest of the internship. They happily shared with their interests with their new groups which gave them a handle on what roles they could play within the team. This helped them understand each other better and discover each other's strengths and weaknesses, with the end goal of improving their overall teamwork.

After this, they were released into the Gallery to come up with ideas and questions that they would like to answer. They also needed to think about the different ways of enquiry that they can use to effectively reach their goal.

Some used the Gallery Assistants to find out about the artwork around them, while others used the pool of knowledge provided by the E H McCormick Research Library. Through this, they gathered more information about the specific areas that are of interest and issues surrounding them.

<p>Interns receiving a talk from Sue Sinclair.</p>

Interns receiving a talk from Sue Sinclair.

Sue Sinclair, Head of Advancement and Sponsorship, visited the group to talk about her journey from being a school teacher to working in the Gallery. She also elaborated on the importance of networking as it gives you a vast reach of influence that can help you get to places that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to go to.