Youth Media Internship 2016: Day six

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<p>Interns working hard to complete the rough cut of their film</p>

Interns working hard to complete the rough cut of their film

As editing continued on Day Six, each intern came in knowing what remaining work had to be completed.

With time drawing nearer for the critique session, the morning was a race to get as much done as they could. With their noses glued to their screens, each member was sifting through the pool of footage, listening in on all the audio recordings and looking for all the royalty-free music that they could find.

<p>Screening of the intern&#39;s rough cuts</p>

Screening of the intern's rough cuts

As a filming practice, the interns were tasked with producing a rough cut of their film. This is a version where the timeline will be filled with the most appropriate footage that they can, otherwise, leave a title to indicate what will be in the gap. This is to help those critiquing the film get a better idea of the finished product so that they can give better feedback on what each group needs to do to improve.

Everyone did all they could to produce the clearest rough cut they can for the critique. A lot of thoughts and positive reinforcement was given between the groups to show their strengths and to guide them on the right path. It’s fair to say that the next few days will be very busy finishing and touching up their films.