Youth Media Internship 2016: Day nine

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<p>Interns celebrate the completion of their films</p>

Interns celebrate the completion of their films

On the last day of the internship, the mentors had planned for a fun day but before that, they had to make sure that all credits were documented in their films. It was a race to get all the legal requirements done before it was time to head out, have a nice lunch outside and enjoy the last day. To reminisce on the highlights of the internship, the interns were split into two groups and were tasked to come up with a number of skits sharing those moments. 

Then came the time to show off their hard work in front of a crowd with a number of Gallery staff taking some time off to see how their contribution was used in the film. By the end of the day, they were very appreciative towards their mentors for giving them a chance to grow and learn.  Many of the interns felt satisfied with their experience and would love to pursue something like this again in the future. But most of all, they have new found friendships and a passion to do what they love.