Youth Media Internship 2016: Day four

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Thursday 14 January 2016
Marlo San Miguel

With groups now equipped with filming equipment, the next were really busy with getting all the footage that each group needed for their film. It varied from getting interview footage to still shots. 

 One of the mentors explained the reason behind the ‘clapper’, that can be commonly seen in outtakes from a film. It takes importance when making timestamps for the audio and video recordings. A lot of the interns found this practice key to editing as it makes synchronising a lot easier, while some of them realised it a little too late…

 A number of the staff members in the Gallery proved to be very useful with their in-depth knowledge about all things art. With such a large number of staff working at an expert level in their respective areas, the interns did not come short in things that they could learn for their film and for personal interest. One such staff member was Senior Curator, Mary Kisler. She was kind enough to share her views on the influence that politics has on art and vice versa, among other interesting art issues.