Youth Media Internship 2016: Day five

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<p>Interviewing a member of the public</p>

Interviewing a member of the public

Monday 18 January 2016
Marlo San Miguel

Day Five continued with more filming, making sure that the interns wrap up shooting so that they can focus on the task of editing them later in the afternoon.

One group targeted the public as their subject for the interviews. They were briefed about the ethics in interviewing and the technicalities behind undergoing such a process. One main issue that they came across was dealing with consent, getting the approval of the public to allow the group to publish their appearance online. This gave them an insight into what it’s like to work with the public and the respect required for people’s privacy in such a situation.

<p>Mentor going through the use of Adobe Premiere Pro</p>

Mentor going through the use of Adobe Premiere Pro

That afternoon they began editing, where all the footage that they took can finally take form. At this stage of producing a film, decision making is critical as all members must choose which footage stays in and which material ends up on the cutting room floor. A lot of thought went into how each film started, transitioned and ended to ensure that their questions were not just shown but also supported by the film’s content.

The day ended with a lot of the interns striving to get their films to take form as a critique session was scheduled for the next day. It was in their best interest to get the general idea of the film to take shape so that their peers could better judge where it’s heading and where it may need work.