Why am I here?

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Thursday 19 June 2008
Sarah Eades



Well i have been a little quiet for a few weeks, i guess i have been trying to figure out why I am here in the blogoshere, what value can i add to a place where there are thousands of other bloggers doing fantastic things.
I have still come up with no answers but I thought I would go ahead with my original plan to reveal some behind the scenes stuff.
These are some some great photos taken by one of our photographers, Jennifer French, of the removal of the sculptures from our forecourts recently. The team moving it were: Rich Rigging who specialise in this kind of strange, awkward and wonderful objects accompanied by an objects conservator from the Gallery.
For all of you that loved the wind activated George Rickey sculpture, I can assure you it is being well looked after until it finds its new location around the planned new gallery building.

And if you REALLY love it. There are two others scattered around the world as ours was one of an edition of three.

One just next to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco that i bumped into, literally, while on my recent trip to Museums and the Web. Click here for another bloggers view and images.
There is even youtube video of one of them......not sure which!