To be or not to

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Thursday 24 July 2008
Sarah Eades


We have published online, extracts from our latest catalogue for the exhibitionTuruki Turuki! Paneke Paneke! on the exhibition page of the website. There is mixed thoughts on this with some uncertainty as to whether this will increase or decrease revenue. Should a smaller or larger selection of the catalogue be included?

Obvously, being a big fan of online publishing, I believe it is a good thing and personally it does entice me to buy as i still love the 'real thing'. However, as i know i am biased, I'd be interested to know how any of you out there feel about this.
Does publishing part of a catalogue online entice you to buy?
Does publishing the whole catalogue online stop you from having to buy the catalogue?
What do other art/museum institutions do?
If anyone has any research/links/thoughts on this send them my way. I'd be very grateful.