The Creative Process: Experiment

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Monday 4 March 2013
Selina Anderson

Following on from my previous Creative Learning Centre post looking at exploring the space, this post looks at the ways people can be experimental in the room. After our keen explorers have had their curiosity piqued, they have opportunities to try things out and find out what happens when you test things in different ways.

Experiment with pipe cleaners and create a sculpture

The activities offer a chance to experiment with materials, with different ways of creating a piece of art. For the tiniest visitors it can be as simple as experimenting how to hold a crayon a different way – how their drawing changes when they hold the crayon on its side. What happens if I apply more pressure or arrange that in this way? How does that change my drawing? On the other hand, trying out what happens when you mix yellow with blue, or blue with red results in delighted squeaks and giggles as they put on glasses with coloured lenses.

Experiment with colour and the different things it can remind us of and represent.

Besides materials and art-making, visitors also experiment with new ideas in the Creative Learning Centre. Perhaps something in the space has changed their perspective on how they saw art, how they saw the Gallery, or their own creative abilities. The possibilities to experiment are seemingly endless and open, there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to do something in the space, its all about giving something a go and enjoying the process.

Experiment with crayons or pencils. Watch your composition magically appear.

We want this space to not only make people curious, but to give opportunities for that curiosity to turn into participation. To give people motivators to engage with the creative process, the artist's work, and their own ideas.