The Creative Process: Create

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Wednesday 3 April 2013
Selina Anderson

Two posts down, two to go! After exploring and experimenting the space, it is important visitors to our Creative Learning Centre have a chance to create something of their own, actively participate and contribute to the room in a tangible way. The elements in the room that allow visitors to create their own work are where you can see how they interpret the artwork and the activities. I have seen the following things created in this space:

Image: David St George

 The pipe cleaners have mutated into 

  • a kiwi
  • a cowboy
  • a helicopter
  • a tank
  • the Sky Tower
  • flowers
  • glasses
  • people
  • birds
  • bees
  • a chair

Image: David St George

Pieces of blank paper have been transformed into:

  • jars full of lollies
  • eyeballs
  • family names
  • bees
  • summer
  • bubbles
  • homes
  • abstract compositions of bees with snazzy patterns and colours


Apart from the visible things created in this room, the element of the room I most enjoy is the conversations that this room creates amongst families and strangers. The experiences that are created here, and a feeling of accomplishment and contribution to the space. But more on that when we get to ‘share’...