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Friday 26 July 2013
Waimarie Dashper

The Interns editing their films ahead of the class critique. Photo: Rachael Short

This morning the Interns only had four hours left to complete the editing of their short films. The pressure mounted as they prepared for a class critique at 2pm, followed by feedback and comments about their work.

It’s really important that the teens remain focused, keep their proposed questions in mind, and most of all, enjoy and really take in this entire experience. This afternoon they will be able to reflect upon their experience throughout the past six days, and think about whether or not they achieved their desired goals.

Getting some final tips from Jacques ahead of the class critique. Photo: Waimarie Dashper

Each and every one of these groups have a lot to be proud of. The amount of work they have done since last Monday is really astonishing, creating a short film in such a small amount of time can really prove to be a stressful task, yet each of the interns have dealt with, and handled the process really well. Not only have they had to plan, storyboard, film, and edit, but learn to make harsh creative decisions along the way.

Two lessons that the teens will take away from this experience is the importance of process and time management, these are both vital when studying at university. Learning that the process of a project is just as important as the finished product, will be incredibly beneficial for their future studies – along with the importance of time management, a vital ingredient for success within any subject field.

Watching Hinoliee's short film during the class critique. Photo: Nic Maw

It was now time to show everyone their short films, followed by a short critique afterwards from their peers, mentors and staff. It was really good being able to see each of the different voices and ideas coming through the films, which shows how good a job each group has done.

Once the critique was over, we went around the circle to find out what each teen took away from the day and the whole completion experience, here’s a few examples: 

  • ‘Proud of my filming as it was my first time’ 
  • ‘Glad we managed to get everything finished in the last twenty minutes’ 
  • ‘Proud of what I achieved with my editing’ 
  • ‘Proud of my illustrations’ 
  • ‘Pleased that I could trust and rely on people in my group’ 
  • ‘Surprised and happy that we finished everything without getting stressed’ 

Overall the critique and final editing phase was a success! Finishing at 2pm today instead of 4pm, gives the Interns a much-deserved rest.