How to tag lots of art

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Friday 30 January 2009
Sarah Eades

As we are looking into redeveloping our website i have been doing some research into way of engaging people with our collection.

I recently heard at the National Digital Forum, from George Oats, how Flickr has helped institutions tag their collection by leaving it open to Flickr users to add the tags of works online as part of the creative commons project. Making sure the tags come from the users rather than the institutions.

Browsing on the Brooklyn Museum's site i saw they have taken a similar route and made it into a 'game' for people to 'tag' their collection for them. You have to have an account to do this (i'm not sure about that part) but once in you are shown various items from the collection that you can describe it in words, creating tags.

Check it out here.......i'd recommend getting an account if you don't have one. It's actually quite addictive once you get started.

Once you have added your tags you can watch a 'thank you' video. A nice touch i think.

Something that will go in the vault to think of for our new website.

Any thoughts?