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Tuesday 20 May 2008
Sarah Eades

I'm currently working on some videos for the Gallery to put on youtube and have found some other galleries putting videos out there while researching it all. 

MOMA have a youtube profile, currently showing an interview with Olafur Eliasson. 

Tate Gallery on youtube says it updates every month but it seems a bit outdated. Some interesting videos there though, my favourite one of artists Gilbert & George, who have been on my mind after seeing an amazing exhibition of there work at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, here is the video from the Tate:

I guess i have been thinking a lot about who the audience for these videos will be. Who are the users of youtube? Is it just the young y-generation, the early to late 20 year olds, and are they interested only in looking for funny videos or is there an audience interested in this kind of education video on youtube? Do generation x or even gen-w or gen-v if they even exist, look at youtube?...I guess i'll find out as soon and we try it out.