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Friday 26 February 2010
Sarah Eades

The Lantern Festival starts in Auckland's Albert Part tonight, always a fantastic event in the city. Cut Collective, having realised their Public Access show at our Art Lounge was happening at the same time as the Lantern Festival, have got in on the act by creating some amazing lanterns that are now hanging from the canopy outside the Art Lounge. 

They are pretty amazing and really brighten up Khartoum place, so if you are heading into Albert Park tonight, take a walk through Khartoum Place on your way there for a peak at the Cut Collective lanterns.
Here are some photos of the lanterns going up.

I couldn't resist adding a couple of photos from along the way. Remember Cut Collective's Public Access show is only on until 11 March and someone from Cut Collective is usually around each day if you want to have a chat with them.