Creativity is an important part of our capacity to learn. We are excited to be using the Creative Process whereby your students explore and interpret an artist’s artwork, while also brainstorming their own ideas. They will have the opportunity to experiment: with ideas and/or different materials or skills, refining these to make an artwork of their own.

Our schools programmes are specifically designed with Years 1–8 students in mind. See your students build knowledge, skills and confidence through gallery and studio-based facilitated discussions, hands-on activities and manipulation of media.

Achievement objectives

Differentiated for Levels 1–4

Visual Arts

Students will:

  • Develop skills in observing/describing, interpreting (Levels 1–2) and evaluating (Levels 3–4) artworks. (CI)
  • Explore different ways artists communicate in artworks (Levels 1–2), and how they respond to different contexts (Levels 3–4). (UC)
  • Explore and use art-making conventions and elements through the use of materials and processes (Levels 1–4). (PK)
  • Develop visual ideas supported by analysis of their own and other artists' works (Levels 1–4). (DI)


Students will:

  • Share, discuss and debate ideas in response to artworks
  • Make connections and inferences whilst exploring artworks
  • Seek and provide visual evidence for some of the key ideas that the artwork expresses

To arrange participation in any of our programmes, please email along with details of your group, group size and preferred date(s) and time(s) of visit. You can also sign up below to our Primary Schools enewsletter to hear the latest news from the team.


Our schools programmes are Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom, supported by the Ministry of Education.