Max Oettli

Max Oettli Photos of Elam Classes 1971-1977

Max Oettli Photos of Elam Classes 1971-1977 by Max Oettli

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Max Oettli (born 1947) is a Swiss/New Zealand photographer known particularly for his images of Aucklanders in the ten years before his return from New Zealand to Switzerland in 1976.

Oettli was the founding president of PhotoForum, a society set up in 1974 to support photographers. He was also the first technical photography instructor at Elam, University of Auckland, a position he held from 1970-1975.

This collection of six black and white photographs are of the class groups studying at Elam from 1971-1977 and include one of attendees at a PhotoForum workshop and one by Wally Floyd, the instructor who followed Oettli in that role.

Max Oettli Photos of Elam Classes 1971-1977
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E H McCormick Research Library, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, gift of Max Oettli, 2018
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Research Library
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Not on display

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