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What people are saying

This exhibition has now closed.

Find out what's being said about Who Shot Rock & Roll.

Nitin Vadukul, Radiohead, St. Louis 1993




'. . . salutes the photographers who captured the crazy heart and soul of rock'n'roll.'
- New Zealand Herald

'A cross-section of the best music photography of the last fifty years.'
- Vanguard Red Magazine

'A brilliant, compelling collection…'
- Stuff Travel


'Challenging, raw, upfront, wide ranging, confronting and really really worth the money and time to go.'

'Artists and icons of an era of true music - captured in candid and intimate vulnerability.'

'The exhibition is an exhilarating, emotional and at times poignant collection of stirring images.'

'We turned up expecting to spend 30 minutes, but ended up staying two hours - so much to see!'

'It's like having a backstage pass to see the most influential rock and roll stars who shaped modern music.'

'As visceral as being there. Moments in history that comment as much on music as fashion, politics and personality.'

'You think you know music photography - you really don't! This is the art, not the artifice.'

'Makes me long for New York, sweaty nightclubs and my youth.'

'A nostalgic, exciting and sometimes sombre look at art in the music world.'

'An amazing collection of photographs, sharing the relationship between the stars and the photographers.'

'A unique experience.  Most impressive photographic quality.  Well worth a visit.'

'Literally, the best visit to an art gallery I have ever had.  Evocative, emotional and engaging.'

'You haven't seen rock and roll till you've seen this.'

'It's a fantastic insight into what compelled these amazing photographers.  The magic and intrigue of rock n' roll and the people behind it.'

'An absolute must see for all!'

'The photos are amazing and the story of the relationship between the photographer and artist is fascinating.'

'Incredible photos that show generations of icons at their raw, vulnerable and showy best.'


Image: Nitin Vadukul, Radiohead, St. Louis 1993, 1993 (printed 2008). Inkjet print, photographed by Nitin Vadukul


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