Colin McCahon

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Colin McCahon
Date of Birth:
01 Aug 1919
Place of Birth:
Timaru/Canterbury (region)/New Zealand
Date of Death:
27 May 1987
Place of Death:
Auckland (region)/New Zealand
New Zealander

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  • May162015-Mar062016

    Freedom and Structure: Cubism and New Zealand Art 1930–1960

    Freedom and Structure explores how New Zealand artists incorporated the radical language of Cubism, weaving it into their work in inventive ways.

  • Mar282015-Feb282016

    Extra Ordinary Everyday

    This exhibition reveals different ways that the commonplace and ordinary aspects of daily life have been investigated, mimiced or transformed by New Zealand artists.

  • Gordon Walters 'Genealogy 5' 1971, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, gift of Dame Jenny Gibbs in honour of Chris Saines, Gallery Director (1996-2013)


    Toi Aotearoa

    Explore the Gallery's permanent collection in one of the largest and most absorbing presentations of New Zealand art.

  • Picturing History: Goldie to Cotton


    Picturing History: Goldie to Cotton

    Stories of origin and arrival, significant events, and the transformation of the land of New Zealand are just some of the themes explored in this...

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  • Towards Auckland: Colin McCahon the Gallery Years


    Towards Auckland: Colin McCahon the Gallery Years

    Towards Auckland considers the years Colin McCahon worked at the Auckland City Art Gallery (1953-1964). Curator Hamish Keith, McCahon's colleague at the Gallery from 1958,...

  • Intimate Portraits


    Intimate Portraits

    Historically portraiture has typically been concerned with recording resemblances of the great and the good, or those wealthy enough to commission a likeness. This exhibition...

  • A feeling for form - Modernism in British and New Zealand art


    A feeling for form - Modernism in British and New Zealand art

    It hardly seems radical now, but when Barbara Hepworth began drilling through stone to create pierced sculptures, she was breaking new ground...

  • Fall Of Water, Fall Of Light


    Fall Of Water, Fall Of Light

    Fall of water, fall of light takes Colin McCahon's Waterfall series (1964) as its starting point, and considers the responses of four other New Zealand...

  • Ka kino to pounamu he pounamu onamata


    Ka kino to pounamu he pounamu onamata

    Ka kino to pounamu he pounamu onamata translated means your greenstone is awesome and it comes from a tradition. Pounamu, greenstone, is a prized treasure,...

  • Golden - Celebrating 50 Years of the Friends of the Gallery


    Golden - Celebrating 50 Years of the Friends of the Gallery

    Founded in December 1954 the Friends of the Auckland Art Gallery, or Auckland Gallery Associates as they were originally known, have supported and encouraged the...

  • McCahon's Visible Mysteries


    McCahon's Visible Mysteries

    Most of my work has been aimed at relating man to man and man to his world, to an acceptance of the very beautiful and...

  • New Zealand Modern


    New Zealand Modern

    A collection show that looks at the development of Modernism in the New Zealand visual arts during the 1920s to 1940s. There is no common...

  • Aug112003-Mar282004

    The Lamp in My Studio

    A small show around Colin McCahon's 1945 painting The Lamp in my Studio. The theme of darkness and light was crucial for McCahon throughout his...

  • Saints & Seraphs


    Saints & Seraphs

    Saints and seraphs (one of the nine different types of angels) have captured the imagination of many artists throughout history. In times of uncertainty and...

  • Colin McCahon: A Question of Faith


    Colin McCahon: A Question of Faith

    A survey show which follows the development of McCahon's works from 1946 to the beginning of the 1980s. It focuses on the artist's spiritual quest,...

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