Mark Adams

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Mark Adams
Date of Birth:
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Christchurch/Canterbury (region)/New Zealand
New Zealand

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  • Sep142013-Apr272014

    Kinder's Presence

    Kinder's Presence includes a selection of the artist's watercolours and paintings presented with recent work by New Zealand photographers Mark Adams, Chris Corson-Scott and Haruhiko...

  • Picturing History: Goldie to Cotton


    Picturing History: Goldie to Cotton

    Stories of origin and arrival, significant events, and the transformation of the land of New Zealand are just some of the themes explored in this...

  • Likeness & Character Portraits From The Auckland Art Gallery Collection


    Likeness & Character Portraits from the Auckland Art Gallery collection

    One of the highlights of the exhibition is the first display of Tony Fomison's The Ponsonby Madonna. For more information click here. Most people have...

  • Happy Birthday to New


    Happy Birthday to New

    The New Gallery celebrates its tenth anniversary with a set of exciting shows, including projects by Judy Millar, Mark Adams and Douglas Gordon and recent...

  • Intimate Portraits


    Intimate Portraits

    Historically portraiture has typically been concerned with recording resemblances of the great and the good, or those wealthy enough to commission a likeness. This exhibition...

  • Fall Of Water, Fall Of Light


    Fall Of Water, Fall Of Light

    Fall of water, fall of light takes Colin McCahon's Waterfall series (1964) as its starting point, and considers the responses of four other New Zealand...

  • The 2nd Auckland Triennial, PUBLIC/PRIVATE Tumatanui/Tumataiti


    The 2nd Auckland Triennial, PUBLIC/PRIVATE Tumatanui/Tumataiti

    With 39 artists' projects in all, this extensive exhibition will be presented at The Auckland Art Gallery, University of Auckland's Gus Fisher and George Fraser...


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