Conservation is the action taken to prevent or remedy the damage and deterioration to items of cultural significance. The aim is to ensure the long-term preservation of works of art in a condition that respects the historical integrity and original artistic intention.

There are seven conservators at the Auckland Art Gallery who specialise in the conservation of paintings, works of art on paper or objects. They are members of the New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Material and abide by the NZCCM code of ethics.

As well as their responsibilities for the Gallery collection and exhibitions, the conservators offer a conservation service to the public on a user-pays basis.

Caring for your artwork

Caring for your artwork

Preventive conservation isn't only for museums.

  • Conservation

    Caring for your works of art

    Preventive conservation isn't just for museums, but for all works of art.

  • Public services

    Our conservators are available to undertake conservation treatments, research and consultations for works on paper, photographs and paintings.

  • Paper conservation

    Conservation studio tours

    Book a private tour to see behind the scenes into the Gallery's conservation studios.  You can visit the paper, painting or objects studio depending on your particular area of interest.

  • Research

    The conservators contribute to the research carried out on works in the collection by carrying out detailed technical examinations. This can include analysis of samples, archival research as well as artist interviews.

  • Artcare book

    Preventive conservation is not only suitable for museums, that is why Artcare: the care of art and artefacts in New Zealand was produced.

    The Auckland Art Gallery conservators and specialists from around the country wrote Artcare, and it is intended for individual collectors and small museums without conservation staff.  Please note that the list of suppliers published in Artcare may be out of date.